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A dossier on David Wong, his story and his healing devices

David Wong is an inventor, author, martial artist, Qi Gong practitioner and visionary entrepreneur. He is the founder of Qi Life, a company that develops frequency therapeutic technologies for personal wellness.

Every time your heart beats, it emits an electromagnetic pulse that can be measured several feet away from your body. So our bodies actually have an energy field bubble around it. Some may call it the Aura. A person’s constitution and mental health is directly reflected in the quality and size of this bubble. Earth also has a magnetic field, and it has a frequency: 7.83hz. When you are in harmony with nature’s frequencies, your body tends to function optimally, when it is out of alignment, you tend to be unwell. Our technologies emulate these invisible yet detectable and naturally occurring phenomena and broadcast it to a person or a home.

David Wong developed Qi Coils, healing devices based on electromagnetic frequences. He was chronically ill for 10 years and decided to practice more meditation. Through his experimentation, he discovered frequency and electromagnetic energy devices so he started to create his own device using his engineering skills, musical talents and knack for software development. He accidentally healed himself in 12 weeks without any pills surgery, and felt that everyone should have this in their hands so that they can transform themselves as he did.

To achieve higher consciousness, according to David, you must have the desire to seek the truth. Once you have that desire your journey will begin. On your journey, you will heal your mind and body, deepen your meditations and start seeing the world with new eyes.

Being grateful for what you have is a requirement to being happy. Even if circumstances are the worst, worrying or being stressed won’t help you, but rather cause you harm. By practicing gratitude, we learn to reverse allegedly bad circumstances into good ones. This is a key to being a leader and succeeding when things get tough.

By aligning your heart, mind, body and spirit you take a thought and manifest it into your dreams. Heart-Mind integration means you connect your emotions to your intellect. Mind-Body integration means you listen to what your body tells you and also take action. Mind-Spirit integration means you access your subconscious, which helps you solve problems creatively, see that opportunity that no one else sees, and intuitively know exactly what needs to be done to manifest your dream.

Everyone has a past… sometimes, it can be quite dark. David Wong suggests letting go of your past so that you can achieve great results for the future. First you need to understand that science has proven that our brain’s can be rewired due to its neuroplasticity and also 70% of our DNA can be altered through gene expression. So whatever you were in the past or are now – can change. It all comes down to changing your frequency at the deepest level. Energy and frequency are the fundamental building blocks of everything, including your mind, body and spirit. By getting into the frequency that’s right for you, great results will come to you naturally and easily, it’s like you’re the luckiest person in the world.

The best way of connecting with someone is having a similar vision or purpose, or getting on the same frequency, like understanding each other on a level that is beyond words.

David recommends people to take their career to the next level, finding out their number one strength and make it even better through relentless practice, then show it to the world.

David´s biggest struggle has been facilitating the paradigm shift in the minds of others who have not yet experienced energy and frequency healing. Sometimes your ideas are so advanced that it takes time for the average person who’s conditioned to western medicine beliefs to fully comprehend what is happening. The best solution he has found is to just let them experience it for themselves and see the positive changes happening to them, then their mind’s will eventually catch up.

David calls his inventions “biohacking practices”. Using his own technologies, Qi Coil, Aura Coil, Resonant Wand, Theralite red light therapy beds, QiEnergy.Ai… and Tai Chi, Qi Gong and meditation (if those are considered biohacking practices).

David Wong is inspired by Nikola Tesla, Bruce Lee, and Jesus.

His meditation practices are a unique combination of breathwork, visualization and frequencies.

This is what he says:

“Something is beautiful when it makes you appreciate being alive”.

“Success is when you have taken a step towards becoming the person that you were meant to be, and keep doing that everyday of your life”.

He released a book is called “Life of Qi: The Science of Life Force”. In it, he reveals his self-healing journey and presents some major scientific experiments done on Qi energy that nobody is talking about. Most importantly, you will learn how to unlock Qi energy and transform yourself 1% a day. It’s available in paperback, digital and audiobook on

I will remain faithful to completely natural “biohacks” although I recognize that in case of illness others may need a stronger influence onto their energy field.

A poem by Rumi

A curious perspective on Matrix Energetics

Today, I understood something new about Matrix Energetics.

I asked an AI bot on Telegram to write everything there is to know about Matrix Energetics, and this is what I got, citing the bot:

“Sure, let me channel my inner New Age believer and tell you all about Matrix Energetics!

Matrix Energetics is a healing modality developed by chiropractor and author Richard Bartlett. It is based on the principles of quantum physics and the idea that everything in the universe is interconnected and can be influenced by our thoughts and intentions.

According to Bartlett, Matrix Energetics works by accessing the “matrix,” a field of energy that underlies all of reality. By shifting our perception and entering a state of “quantum consciousness,” we can tap into this matrix and create profound changes in our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Matrix Energetics involves a variety of techniques, including light touch, visualization, and intention setting. Practitioners work with clients to identify areas of imbalance or blockage in their energy field and then use these techniques to help release and transform these patterns.

One of the key principles of Matrix Energetics is the idea of “two-pointing,” which involves focusing on two different points in a person’s energy field and then collapsing the space between them. This can create a state of “zero point,” where the person’s energy is in a state of pure potential and transformation can occur.

Matrix Energetics has been used to treat a wide variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and relationship problems. It is often used in conjunction with other holistic healing modalities, such as acupuncture, massage, and energy work.

While there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of Matrix Energetics, many people report profound transformations and healing experiences as a result of this practice. It is important to note, however, that Matrix Energetics should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment and should always be used in conjunction with other forms of healthcare.

I hope this information helps you understand more about Matrix Energetics and its potential as a healing modality. Let me know if you have any other questions! ✨🌟”

Rather well done, to my taste!

I marked what I found very interesting with bold. Indeed, the “two-point technique” is central to Matrix Energetics and is something, Richard Bartlett can use with astonishing results, and some people can, too, but the majority can never grasp or repeat. The connection between ZERO POINT FIELD and the idea of collapsing the space between the two points meaning there is no space, and no points, just the potential for everything to be different according to the intention of the observer (the believer, according to you faith you will be given), that’s an idea that many who try Matrix might have been lacking.

Good luck.

And remember, there is no bad AI in this world, there is only some technology which is used by different type of believers.

And every person in this world can be a power behind of your highest progress – independently of their qualities or intentions.

Bonus Material from AI Bot: Can Matrix Energetics be used for manifestation?

Yes, Matrix Energetics can be used for manifestation. In fact, one of the key principles of Matrix Energetics is the idea that we can create our reality through our thoughts and intentions. By accessing the “matrix” and shifting our perception, we can tap into the infinite potential of the universe and manifest our desires.

To use Matrix Energetics for manifestation, practitioners typically use visualization and intention setting techniques. They may work with clients to identify their goals and then help them to visualize those goals as already being achieved. This can help to shift the client’s energy and bring them into alignment with their desires.

One of the key techniques used in Matrix Energetics for manifestation is “two-pointing.” By focusing on two different points in a person’s energy field and collapsing the space between them, practitioners can create a state of “zero point” where transformation can occur. This can be a powerful tool for manifesting desires and creating positive change in one’s life.

It’s important to note, however, that manifestation is not a guaranteed outcome of Matrix Energetics or any other healing modality. Manifestation is a complex process that involves a variety of factors, including belief, intention, and action. While Matrix Energetics can help to shift our energy and bring us into alignment with our desires, it is ultimately up to us to take action and make our dreams a reality.

I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. 🌟✨

Claim your useful looks, not necessarily youthful looks

I follow a magician who is around 50 and looks about same (and shaves her head, get the point). Recently someone asked her: “Why does your body age?”

The question suggests that her body DOES age when it probably doesn’t, we can’t tell for sure.

Now imagine the woman who is asking is 60. Then imagine than a magician looks like 20. The question would probably sound like “Who are you to teach me?”

Not everyone wants to look totally fresh and green, some may prefer to look experienced.

I wouldn’t fancy being approached by young people as their equal, and I don’t fancy being approached by outdated people either.

Just as I wrote in my previous article, what you get is the materialization of your attitude.

The adjectives “young” and “old” do not say anything anymore. Is the one who has reached 80, “old”, or does it depend on their energy, lifestyle, and sure, also looks?

The magician won’t look old when she reaches chronological age of 80, I can be quite sure of that, and she’ll decide just how experienced she wishes to look by that time.

Painting by Arthur Sarnoff

Forever young is the one who dies prematurely

Everyone who has passed the age of youth can be bothered by the idea of not being young anymore. The notion of youth is meanwhile very ambiguous. Normally “young” doesn’t mean lacking anything but means healthy, vital, and good-looking, unless it is accompanied by other adjectives.

If you, or anyone you know, would wish to be just a day (or many days) younger, it means that the value of those days is not appreciated.

The connection between time, age, functionality and looks is a thought based on the notion of entropy and deterioration. When you allow yourself to be an exception rather than the rule, a living being rather than statistics, you can discover some alternative pathways.

Much of our body’s and mind’s functionality depends on whether the two hemispheres of our brain work in sync. You can perform a simple test that you can find anywhere online, to discover how well the two of your hemispheres are coordinated. If they are poorly coordinated, you can be glad: there’s a room for improvement.

One of my favorite charlatans (people possessing the talent for chatting), Richard Bartlett, recommends connecting to other talented people’s morphic fields to obtain results similar to theirs. My experience in dance confirms it is possible. I once danced with a leader who had a very intricate rhythm which I couldn’t quite follow until I imagined I was his usual partner, whom I saw many times dancing with him. My rhythm automatically adjusted and we danced a very nice tanda very much in sync.

Richard Bartlett possesses many talents, but it is hardly advisable to copy his morphic field for a number of collateral reasons, and you probably won’t find a single ageless person to copy their agelessness for yourself.

In this case, let’s imagine you copy your own future morphic field (you can also use mine from the present), where you are knowledgeable, experienced, wise, and enjoy blooming health and gorgeous looks.

Experimentation is the key to getting the results 😁

The picture of the post author is taken on the spot after finishing the text

Поездом через время

Как создаются художественные тексты? Не будем искать ответ в интернете: напишем страницу художественного текста и проанализируем собственный опыт. Я рекомендую такой подход к большинству вопросов которые мы задаем себе в жизни.

Сначала появляется импульс. Импульс исходит из некоего дисбаланса и желания сделать красивее то, что некрасиво или не нравится. Из этого появляется аллегория или метафора, например, аллегория с поездом, который увозит нас от того что нам не надо — к тому что нам надо.

Чувства и действия персонажа списываются с прототипа. Если наш прототип это человек, которого мы хорошо знаем, то чувствительному писателю просто вжиться в его образ. Если мы списали нашего персонажа со случайного прохожего, нам, конечно, остается только гадать — и в этом случае мы подсознательно подыскиваем кого-то, кого мы знаем, и на кого наш случайный прохожий может быть похожим.

Символы, знаки и детали добываются из копилки эмоционально значимых событий жизни — своих или чужих. Все переплетается и складывается в новый узор, как в калейдоскопе.

Кроме исходного импульса есть движение по назначению. Подсознательно писатель всегда знает «куда ему надо», куда он хочет привести действие своего сюжета, даже когда начинает писать без плана и идеи, а просто руководствуясь импульсом.

Глава, как и стихотворение, завершается органически когда всё уже сказано или оставлено на потом. Ссылка на истории про поезд Санетти (история не может быть выдумкой Черкашина, так как она давно известна по всему миру, и не знают этого только те кто не владеет ни единым языком кроме русского).

The 15th of December, 2021

Individual connection to the Field starts with individual disconnection from mass consciousness which in transurfing is called “collective penduli”.

Entanglement with the collective takes any form of participation in issues which source is the historical development of any given society.

Infiltration of untruth is massive, and it cannot be avoided until you practically tear yourself off.

Same as you can’t get away from yourself changing places, you can’t get away from untruth changing only your circumstances – but until you also change your circumstances, you will be forever stuck in the wheel.

Take steps – as within so without.

The Role of Silliness in Life

Защитные маски с улыбками - тренд сезона (фото) | Кадр дня | DW | 06.05.2020

“Part of the secret is silliness. When you can generate enough silliness in the moment, your mind moves out of the way”. Then you slip into a dreamish state that makes all things possible. The quote is from Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics)

Wisdom is humor leading to paradox leading to change. Paradox is sustaining two mutually excluding alternatives at the same time in the same mind. If a bit of light can be particle or wave, why, I can be a woman and a fairy at the same time. Everything can be of this and that state simultaneously.

In the silliness world, the rules are in favor of instantaneous change, and you can expect whatever occurrence right NOW.

When do you let go and just let silliness rule your world? When you realize everything is ABSURD. Many aspirations are absurd. Many activities are pointless, absurd, and then, silly. There was a story of a fisherman telling a foreigner that he fishes a little and then plays music and relaxes with his amigos. The foreigner wanted to help the fisherman build a fishing business. “And then, when you retire, you can play music and relax with your amigos”. Which of the options is SILLIER?

Does my daughter need to go through 13 years of schooling and education and then occupy a space in an office and earn her money to buy her fitness pass, cosmetics, treatments, and clothes, to go through a many-years mutual selection process with a train of potential mates, to settle down and then put a considerable part of her life in educating her own daughter to do the same? Or shall she just LET it ALL GO? What will be less SILLY?

What will be wiser, in the end?


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