Most of us desire to live a natural way of life as our true selves.This is the way of Zen.

At first glance, Zen may appear to be a relentless quest for spiritual harmony and balance in life. All the methods to control the mind can seem hard work and quite disorientating.

However, they are not there to create impediments or disturb our lives. All of these activities are fixed on one supreme goal: to take us to enlightenment and a life of great joy, harmony and understanding.

In the long run Zen’s teachings are all directed at making our lives less complicated. It does this by freeing the mind of all of its clutter. To free the mind is to free the spirit.

The resulting clarity of perception is just one of Zen’s rewards. At every step, Zen brings us into contact with reality. There is no illusion. Only great insight.

Zen’s holistic belief that you are the universe and the universe is you goes back to its Taoist origins. To understand this concept of interdependence is to unlock the door to ourselves and to realize that everything depends on everything else. The way we understand ourselves is the way we understand the universe, and these two connected worlds must constantly be kept in harmony and balance:if we are not in accord with ourselves, neither will we be in accord with the universe.

Zen understands that we are finely tuned instruments of creation who constantly need care and attention. That is why everyday Zen emphasizes a regular program of practice and why it ultimately becomes a life-long study. Zen is forever keeping us aware and awake so that we see the world about us with an intensity and perception that heightens its beauty.