Larisa Zeland
Larisa Zeland

Transurfing and How It Can Change Your Reality Layer

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Transurfing is a way of shaping your individual reality according to your desires and tastes.

What is individual reality? Are we not living in an objective world where reality exists, one and for all, independently of our desires and tastes?


But is this objective reality REALLY same for everyone?

Well, you know, some are luckier than others…

Transurfing is a recipe for luck.

Everyone lives in their own separate layer of our collective reality.

Transurfing does not change our common, collective, objective reality.

It only re-configures your personal layer, your world, that exists within the collective whole.

Members of the same household frequently live in totally different individual realities.

Transurfing is though not a recipe for helping others. It is a way of becoming more resourceful to manage your own life, whereupon you will be also better equipped to room others and their individual worlds. You may even become as lucky as being listened to and influence others.

Transurfing takes the concerns of your own soul as a starting point, and is soul-centered, not egocentric. Take on your own air-mask on before helping others. If your soul is suffocated, you are of zero use to other souls.

Transurfing may seem unbelievable and it really is.

The world is very diverse. This variety is enough for many possible individual configurations.

You are building a unique individual version of your world, your separate reality layer, either with your conscious thoughts, or with your unconscious reactions.

“Watch your thoughts” is the first key to transformation.

Sometimes, when you register a thought, you can apply imagine that the opposite is true approach. This immediately shakes all the importance off your observation: the world is very diverse, and the opposite can be just as true. Reduced importance sets your sails in your desired direction, instead of them being set at random or however the society or your unconscious pleases.

If what you see, and the opposite, and anything in-between can be true, well, you can choose. Don’t worry HOW it’ll come about, just think it might.

Form the desired image in your heart. Maintain this image live. Maintain the feeling.

However, the difficulty is that people’s attention is very easily captured by external forces that Vadim calls pendulums.

What happens? “I came across a harsh reality, I got scared, now I believe that it’s just that, and will always be. I accepted it, I fixed it in my mental template, and now I live in this grim reality, unable to take my eyes off it, unable to turn my eyes towards my own soul, towards my thoughts, and switch them to another reality that I want to experience”. Sad and eternal story, isn’t it?

The eternal question is what we can do about it.

First: maintain awareness so that the “reality” does not capture you like you are in a dream, unable to choose your course.

Second: don’t look at the “reality”, look into yourself instead, or maintain shared focus if you can.

Even if everything goes wrong, when you start transurfing, it’ll be temporary.

Keep your desired image in your heart.

This focus will make you choose the tiny reality bits according to your tastes. You will suddenly discover a new path, a new way of doing things, a new acquaintance. As in a dream, changes can be instant during our internet era even in our very real world. The layer of your world will start changing. And it won’t take long.

So is it really possible to create your own world?

You are able to create any world for yourself, the one that you like or the one that you don’t.

When your attention, either consciously and persistently, or involuntarily and intrusively, is fixed on some mental image, your reality starts to transform. Strange things happen. What you focus on literally fills your world. This is also called synchronicity.

What you ceased being obsessed with, disappears. You stop looking for bad news to incorporate them into your reality vision and see them manifested in your own reality layer.

You have to be mindful, be aware of your thoughts, and track your reactions. Thus you will avoid exposure to destructive pendulums. My own experience is that you can even befriend them. Fundamentalists start suddenly listen to what I’m saying instead of continuously citing the Bible. We are able to find common ground across religions: an unbelievable thing!

You are aware once there’s always an observer in your mind, or “Caretaker,” as the author tenderly calls this angel. Is your Caretaker masculine or feminine? I’m giving the masculine his chance and see where he brings me. I trust.

In transurfing, the observer objectively assesses what is happening: what game is being played, who gives and who receives. He makes sure that you are not drawn into any game with pendulums as a puppet in a show.

Examples of pendulums are: unhappy love stories making think you won’t probably be lucky cause you share some traits with the participants, unwanted careers for money which make you think there’s no better option, certain organizational structures that manage it’s members by stick and carrot method, misleading scriptures, misleading interpretations, psychic vampires (masked unhappy psychopaths with their individual traumas).

Transurfing offers a solution to pendulum games.

Always pay attention to whether you are aware or not. You have to track the imposed stereotypes, which are, moreover, imposed by imprisoned, unhappy people who think there’s no better way.

Once you detect a stereotype, wake up and shake off the obsession.

Look at yourself and others as from the side.

Decide that everything will be different in your layer of the world.

As you can see, this alternative makes it possible for you to arrange your layer of reality according to your own taste.

The choice is yours.